Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Memoir written by John Reiger is reviewed by journal dedicated to sport history

Escaping into Nature: The Making of a Sportsman – Conservationist and Environmental Historian, written by OU-C Professor of History Emeritus John Reiger and published by Oregon State University Press, was recently reviewed by Adam Berg of Penn State University in Journal of Sport History. The journal is published by University of Illinois Press for The North American Society for Sport History.

In the review, Berg remarks, “Readers will find a number of engaging topics. These include Reiger’s decision to leave a tenured professorship at the University of Miami to work full-time as the executive director of the Connecticut Audubon Society, as well as various hunting, fishing, and traveling stories … {they} make Escaping into Nature an easy way to escape into a good book.”

Berg further notes “there is also scholarly value in this memoir … Reiger is probably best known for his thrice-published monograph American Sportsmen and the Origin of Conservation … In American Sportsmen, Reiger argues that the United States conservationist movement was spawned not by foresters, technocrats, and government officials in the 1890s but earlier, in the 1870s, by middle- and upper-class anglers and hunters, whose primary objective was the protection and preservation of wildlife.”

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