Tuesday, April 5, 2016

OU-C students share how they spend time away from class

Lauren Starkey
Tyler Lyons
Cody Osbon
Emily Richard
Drew Brown

We regularly talk with Chillicothe Campus students to gain their perspective on college life. This week, we asked some students what they do in their spare time, when not hitting the books.

“As a nursing student, I do not have much spare time, but when I do have some time, I like to sleep,” said Lauren Starkey, a graduate of Greenfield McClain High School. “It has been a while since I really did anything, but I like to read and I like to color.”

Tyler Lyons, a history major from Southeastern High School, said, “I mostly study. When taking breaks, I like to play video games, go fishing, hang out with friends and watch TV.”

Cody Osbon said, “Outside of school and studying, I go to church and enjoy song-writing. I also play video games, work at Tractor Supply, listen to music and teach a Bible class at church.” A psychology major, Osbon graduated from Westfall High School.

“Most of my spare time is spent in the Learning Commons, doing homework or at work in a daycare facility” said Emily Richard, an education major from Valley High School in Scioto Count. “I like to read, especially works by Karen Kingsbury, and I used to play sports.”

Drew Brown, a middle education major from Northwest High School, also from Scioto County, said, “I like to golf, hunt and fish. I play basketball about once a week and do paintball. And, I work at a sawmill.”