Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Campus members meet to review, refine strategic plans to best meet current challenges and opportunities

The campus' strategic plans focus on ensuring students have a meaningful educational experience.

Members of the Chillicothe Campus community recently met to update and revise the campus’ strategic plan. The current plan was developed in 2013 and includes campus-wide input through a series of staff meetings and similar campus planning sessions.

The approximately 45 individuals who attended the recent meeting, including faculty, staff and a Regional Coordinating Council member, reviewed the current planning document, including the status of initiatives that were outlined in 2013.

The strategic plan is intended to align with OU-C’s mission while also reflecting marketplace conditions as well as current opportunities and challenges. More than just a document, the plan provides a roadmap for decision-making in a logical, practical manner.

For example, in light of new circumstances such as budgetary restrictions, an emphasis in the recent planning session was placed on initiatives that are practical, enhance enrollment efforts and are cost-efficient. Participants assessed the current plan and examined initiatives in the 2013 blueprint that are ongoing to decide if the projects should proceed to completion or if it were wiser to take another direction that better fits current circumstances.

Faculty and staff members led breakout sessions in four areas:
•    Academic priorities
•    Facilities and information technology
•    Communications and marketing/enrollment
•    Academic support strategic initiatives

In keeping with the spirit of the meeting, the focus was on a cross-section of faculty and staff members in each breakout session to provide a cross-section of perspectives as well as crafting two to five initiatives that are “doable” in the near future.

Among suggested areas of strategic emphasis were:
•    Partnerships and articulation agreements
•    Degree-completion options
•    Academic support and success initiatives
•    Further alignment of facilities and information technology advances to align with academic objectives to enhance students’ learning experiences
•    Increased marketing to non-traditional students as well as peer-focused communication efforts

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