Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chillicothe Campus graduates are encouraged to follow new paths during Recognition of Graduation event

Chillicothe Campus graduates were encouraged to use the critical thinking skills they develop during their college careers and allow themselves to follow new paths during the recent Recognition of Graduation event in the Shoemaker Center. The annual event recognizes students who earned associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Ohio University while pursuing their college goals on the Chillicothe Campus.

Keynote speaker Mike Smith urged the graduates to “think outside of the box” and “be willing to learn from unlikely sources.”

“Life has a strange way of taking unexpected twists and turns, taking us in directions we never thought probable or may be even possible,” he said. “Some of these twists can even be painful or discouraging at times, but if we learn from those circumstances, it could turn into the most illuminating experience of our lives.”

Smith is both news and sports director as well as operations manager of the local radio stations.

Approximately 170 students participated in the graduation ceremony. In all, nearly 440 students entered the ranks of OU-C and Ohio University alumni during the 2015-16 academic year.

Sherry Nelson, a Navy veteran, delivered the Pledge of Allegiance. Local business professional and public servant Jim Caldwell received the Rich Bebee Alumni Leadership Award.

Student reflection speaker Elizabeth Gumm talked about how the OU-C experience has prepared her and her fellow graduates for success in their upcoming pursuits.

“Attending a non-traditional campus has allowed us to not only live out our educational dreams but also stay connected to our friends, family and daily life commitments,” she said. “ … this dedication has allowed each of us to stay diligent throughout these years, and that is an attribute that will serve us well in our future endeavors.”

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