Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Southeastern High School FFA students utilize Black Farm facilities to sharpen their skills for upcoming competition

Several Southeastern High School students who are participating in Future Farmers of America recently utilized the resources of the OU-C Charles and Daisy Black Equestrian Center site to practice for the upcoming competition at the Ohio Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Camp in Carroll County. Among skills they developed at the Black Farm were measurement by pacing, tree identification, basic ecology and timber-cruising, which involves aspects such as estimating the board footage, growth and species of various trees in support of smart, ecologically-sound tree harvesting.

Beyond the riding facilities, the 268-acre farm contains a variety of environmental settings such as a 100-acre hardwood forest, stream corridor, floodplain, upland meadows and agricultural cropland. These features make the farm an ideal land lab for these types of endeavors.

The students were under the direction of Mark Rickey, a Service Forester with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio University student Nick Jones, a Chillicothe resident who is studying outdoor recreation and education with a minor in plant environmental biology.

The highest-scoring students at the upcoming competition compete for scholarships to Ohio University, Ohio State University and Hocking College.

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