Thursday, September 1, 2016

Chillicothe Campus’ Opening Session Sets Tone for 2016-2017 Academic Year

Dean Martin Tuck discussed the Chillicothe Campus’ strategic vision for the 2016-17 academic year during the campus’ annual opening session held this week in Bennett Hall.

In addition to discussing this year’s goals and objectives, the session provided an opportunity to introduce new campus employees, reflect on recent accomplishments and share useful information about campus initiatives and programs of note.

“This year marks the 70th Anniversary of Ohio University Chillicothe and I am pleased to announce that the campus is as strong as ever,” said Tuck. “We have the momentum of stable enrollments and exciting new academic programs and partnerships. It was so exciting to see and meet the students on campus again and have the parking lot full.”

The event opened with the recognition of recent promotions including Dywayne Nicely, promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure; Cindy Matyi, promoted to Senior Lecturer; and Mary Jane Preece, promoted to Associate Lecturer. Additionally, Dean Tuck welcomed new tennis coach Karen Barney and Allysa Coyle the new volleyball coach.

In the Chillicothe Campus’ 70th anniversary year, Dean Tuck also celebrated recent projects and initiatives such as the Academic partnership with Pickaway Ross Career and Technology Center to offer the Environmental Technology (EVT) degree program and continued increases in enrollment in the College Credit Plus program. Tuck also noted the successful ongoing partnership with Adena Health System to offer the BTAS degree (Technical and Applied Studies).

Dean Tuck reported stable fall semester enrollment with a two percent increase over last year in the preliminary headcount. Additionally, he noted that freshmen enrollment has increased five percent (more than three percent over last year). Tuck also noted the importance of continued efforts toward retention and recruitment.

“While the Chillicothe campus faces many challenges such as maintaining a stable enrollment and helping our students succeed in college; with challenges come opportunities,” Tuck remarked. “These challenges will make us stronger and encourage the campus faculty and staff to be innovative in the development of new strategies and programs to help the campus grow and accomplish our mission well into the future.”

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