Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Campus reflects on 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

Photo courtesy of Department of Defense
Today marks a significant milestone in our country’s history, the 75th anniversary of the attacks at Pearl Harbor. We, as a university founded on service to our World War II veterans, would be remiss to not take the time to honor and remember this day.

As many woke up that fateful day to go about their normal duties, a horrendous attack was underway that would forever change the course of history. The United States lost many great lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor and thousands more as World War II played out across the world. But we, as a country, came out of that war victorious over our enemies and have since marked this day as the day that will live in infamy.

Ohio University – Chillicothe was founded in 1946 at the conclusion of WWII to serve returning veterans who were seeking an education in Ohio. Thus, we became the first regional campus for Ohio University, proudly providing educational opportunities for those who had given their all, in defense of our freedom. Seventy percent of the first class at OUC were veterans, who had earned educational benefits under the G.I. Bill and were looking to expand their educational horizons post-WWII.

“Had it not been for the branch many of us would not be in college today,” the OU-C Independent wrote in May 1947. “Ohio University accepted the challenge and provided adequate facilities so each of us might have the opportunity to continue our education.”

This quote, written so many years ago, truly captures the spirit of what we strive to be at OUC – an institution committed to providing access to education for the south-central Ohio region and serving our community.

Today, we maintain a large veteran presence on our campus and we are indebted to them and their service just as we are to the great men and women who served our country during the second world war. Today, we honor them and may we never forget this day or the legacy of the brave service members who fought for us in that time. 

(Video courtesy of Department of Defense)

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