Thursday, September 1, 2016

Chillicothe Campus’ Opening Session Sets Tone for 2016-2017 Academic Year

Dean Martin Tuck discussed the Chillicothe Campus’ strategic vision for the 2016-17 academic year during the campus’ annual opening session held this week in Bennett Hall.

In addition to discussing this year’s goals and objectives, the session provided an opportunity to introduce new campus employees, reflect on recent accomplishments and share useful information about campus initiatives and programs of note.

“This year marks the 70th Anniversary of Ohio University Chillicothe and I am pleased to announce that the campus is as strong as ever,” said Tuck. “We have the momentum of stable enrollments and exciting new academic programs and partnerships. It was so exciting to see and meet the students on campus again and have the parking lot full.”

The event opened with the recognition of recent promotions including Dywayne Nicely, promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure; Cindy Matyi, promoted to Senior Lecturer; and Mary Jane Preece, promoted to Associate Lecturer. Additionally, Dean Tuck welcomed new tennis coach Karen Barney and Allysa Coyle the new volleyball coach.

In the Chillicothe Campus’ 70th anniversary year, Dean Tuck also celebrated recent projects and initiatives such as the Academic partnership with Pickaway Ross Career and Technology Center to offer the Environmental Technology (EVT) degree program and continued increases in enrollment in the College Credit Plus program. Tuck also noted the successful ongoing partnership with Adena Health System to offer the BTAS degree (Technical and Applied Studies).

Dean Tuck reported stable fall semester enrollment with a two percent increase over last year in the preliminary headcount. Additionally, he noted that freshmen enrollment has increased five percent (more than three percent over last year). Tuck also noted the importance of continued efforts toward retention and recruitment.

“While the Chillicothe campus faces many challenges such as maintaining a stable enrollment and helping our students succeed in college; with challenges come opportunities,” Tuck remarked. “These challenges will make us stronger and encourage the campus faculty and staff to be innovative in the development of new strategies and programs to help the campus grow and accomplish our mission well into the future.”

Chillicothe Campus welcomed OU Regional Campus Faculty at recent Regional Higher Education Faculty Conference

As students and faculty members return for the start of a new semester, the Chillicothe Campus also had the recent honor of hosting the 2016 Ohio University Regional Higher Education (RHE) Faculty conference. More than 120 faculty members from Ohio University regional campuses convened before the start of the fall semester to collaborate and learn from a variety of topics applicable to their positions.

The RHE conference, which host location rotates annually among the five Ohio University campuses and the Athens campus, aims to unite faculty and facilitate meaningful interactions that can benefit all students and communities.

“The Chillicothe Campus was very pleased to host the 2016 Ohio University RHE Faculty Conference,” said OU-C Dean Martin Tuck. The conference is one of the few opportunities RHE faculty can meet informally, share ideas and innovations they have created as well as learn from their peers from the other campuses.”

Conference sessions, offered in a number of formats such as panel discussions, workshops and presentations, covered applicable topics that are unique to the regional campus experiences. This year, topics ranged from how to help veterans transition to college life, integrating technology in the classroom, how to pilot a learning community on a regional campus, online student engagement and teaching with supplemental instruction.

The high number and diversity of sessions offered were one of the key points of pride for OU-C faculty members Dywayne Nicely and Allison White, who led the host committee and organized this year’s conference. It was their hard work that resulted in a positive and productive experience for all.

“It’s a privilege and a responsibility to create a collegial learning experience for the faculty,” said White.

“We worked collaboratively with the rest of the planning committee to ensure we got a variety of input on the topics that would be of the most interest. Then, we worked to find the right people to present on these topics, sometimes even helping to connect the dots between people and initiatives that are happening around Ohio University campuses,” said White, Associate Professor of the Office Technology Program and the Program Coordinator since 2009.

“In many cases this conference is one of the few opportunities that regional campus faculty have to collaborate and see one another throughout the year,” said Nicely, Ph. D, Associate Professor of Mathematics. “There are so many opportunities to learn from one another, as well as connect in a much more informal environment that truly enriches the experience.”

As the first regional campus in the state, it was fitting that this year’s format was a first as well.  Instead of the typical two-day conference, the itinerary was tightened and the debut of a single-day event format occurred in 2016. The goal was to lessen the burden on participants, while still being effective and providing critical information.

The RHE conference is also a great opportunity to showcase the region. Nicely and White worked closely with the Ross Chillicothe Convention & Visitors Bureau to provide visitors guides and information to all attendees.

“Our hope is that everyone had a great experience, not only at the conference and in the Chillicothe region, and that they’ll want to return to the area when they have an opportunity to do so,” said White. “We were so excited for the opportunity to welcome more than 120 attendees to the region.”

Reminder About Designated Smoking Area

With the start of a new semester, it is an appropriate time to remind members of the campus community that a smoking area has been established on the exterior east side of the Stevenson Center. The area’s perimeters are marked by red lines, and it includes receptacles for disposing of cigarette butts.

The use of tobacco or smoking products is defined as all nicotine, tobacco-derived or containing products, and plant based products including, but not limited to, cigarettes (e.g., clove, bidis, kreteks), electronic cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, hookah-smoked products, and oral tobacco (spit and spit less, smokeless, chew, snuff).

This area gives smokers a comfortable venue with steps on which to sit and an overhang for protection against inclement weather. It also enhances safety by not placing individuals near vehicles in the parking lots.

The focus is to create a space that offers a safe venue for smokers, with an emphasis on protecting non-smokers from second-hand smoke, particularly near doorways, and keeping the campus litter-free in terms of cigarette butts, especially the pedestrian plaza in front of Bennett Hall.

Updated Hours of Chillicothe Campus Facilities

For the 2016-17 academic year, students and faculty should note the changes in operation of the following campus facilities.

The Stevenson Center, including IT Helpdesk, Library and Student Success (Tutoring) Center, will be open from 8am-7:30pm, Monday through Thursdays; and closing at 5pm on Friday. There will be no Saturday hours for the Stevenson Center.

The Bennett Hall Information Desk will be open from 8am-6pm, Monday through Friday.

The Central Processing Center will be open on Monday - Thursday from 8am-6pm, and Friday from 8am-5pm.

And, the Hilltop Café will be open from 10:30am-2:00pm, Monday through Thursday and closed on Friday and Saturday.