Monday, February 6, 2017

Ohio eCampus Sunday Spotlight: Dr. Donna Burgraff

(Credit: Ohio University eCampus)

Dr. Burgraff is a tenured Associate Professor of Technical and Applied Studies at Ohio University. She teaches on both the Chillicothe Campus and online through OHIO eCampus, and coordinates the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies for Regional Higher Education. Get to know her a little better:

I'm a native of Appalachia—a culture I am extremely proud to come from. You do not get much more Appalachian than I am, being both the daughter of a coal miner and a descendant from the McCoys (yes, "those" McCoys). The issues facing the Appalachian region are something I care deeply about.
I have had a broad career in education. I began as a high school teacher of English and German. I then moved to the collegiate level by additionally teaching undergraduate and graduate psychology and education. After many years as a teacher, I had several administrative positions at various universities before returning back to my first love: teaching. I am very passionate about helping all of my students succeed.

I have a B.A. in English with a German minor and an M.A. in counseling (both from Eastern Kentucky University), an M.S. in adult education from Marshall University, and a doctorate in higher education administration/leadership from West Virginia University.

I've also published articles in national journals and authored a chapter, “Leadership Lessons in Rock Climbing,” in the book, "Leading from the Heart: The Passion to Make a Difference." My most recent article was published in Higher Education for the Future and titled, “No More Textbooks: Changing How We Structure Classes.” I also have made presentations on the local, state, regional, and national levels.

I was awarded a prestigious W. K. Kellogg Foundation National Leadership Fellowship. During my fellowship, I traveled around the world studying cultural transmission. I love to travel and have been on every continent except Antarctica, and I intend to get there.

I also am a lifelong member of the Girl Scouts and a current member of AAUW. Thus, issues facing girls and discrimination against women are both keen interests of mine. For fun, in addition to travel, I love to read a good book and go to the theater.

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