Thursday, March 30, 2017

Plethora of class options available on fall course schedule

Fall registration officially opened up this week for Ohio University. Yes, it’s that time already! As spring semester winds to a close, it’s time to begin thinking about assembling that fall schedule and outlining electives that fit your timeline.

OUC’s expert faculty have numerous rich, thought provoking and culturally aware courses available in the fall to pique the interest of diverse student body. From a look at the advancement of film over time to multicultural policing, suicide and domestic violence prevention and intervention, the options are limitless for students interested in any number of topics.

Highlighted courses available for enrollment this fall include:

·      BMT 1010 – Business and its environment – A course which explores the nature of business and of economic, social and political environments of business firm
·      Film 2020 – Introduction to Film Analysis – Analyzing both classic and popular films by paying attention to genre
·      LET 2600 – Multicultural Policing
·      OAT 2680 – Information Systems Design – A look at process improvement, ergonomics, management styles, and technical writing
·      HST 2900 – Suicide Prevention and Intervention
·      HST 2900 – Domestic Violence Intervention ­
·      BMT 2890 – Toward Understanding and Growth – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and StrengthsFinder 2.0
·      SAM 4700 – Managing Strategically in the Future
·      HST 1000 – Introduction to Human Services Technology – Provides an overview of social services and the human services profession with a community service project culminating the course
·      ­PBIO 1030 – Plants and People – A look at the impact of plants in everyday life, their use and their effect on civilization

In addition to the aforementioned courses, many programs are now offering blended courses that meet in class for a portion of the semester and online for the remainder. Also, new seven-week courses for the first and or second half of the semester are expanding to fit the needs of flexible scheduling.

Be sure to check out the course catalog and register for 15 credit hours in order to help graduate quicker and be eligible for academic achievements like the Dean’s list and other scholarship opportunities.  

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