Friday, May 26, 2017

Ashlee Rauckhorst recognized by Ohio House of Representatives

Ashlee Rauckhorst, coordinator of student activities at Ohio University Chillicothe, has been recognized by the Ohio House of Representatives for her recent “Making a Second Home” award received from Ohio University.

Under the sponsorship of Rep. Gary Scherer of the Ohio House District 92, which encompasses Ross County, Rauckhorst was recognized by the 132nd General Assembly as one of Ohio’s finest citizens.

“You are a remarkable individual, for you have combined civic concern and dedication with the utmost professionalism to become a dynamic leader in the community, and this prestigious honor is a fitting tribute to you for the exemplary efforts you have displayed in many significant endeavors,” reads the citation. “You have visited with students and planned numerous events to help make them feel at home on campus, and through your admirable devotion to service, you have distinguished yourself as a conscientious and hard-working Ohioan.”

In March, Rauckhorst was recognized at the Ohio University Women’s Achievement Dinner as a staff member who goes above and beyond to make students feel welcome on campus. The “Making a Second Home” award is designated for those who have filled familial roles on campus and have helped students adjust to college life.

The event, held annually in Athens, highlights the achievements, success and breakthroughs of women faculty and staff at Ohio University.

To read more about Ashlee’s award, see our previous story here.

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