Thursday, June 1, 2017

OUC professor Greg Obi achieves personal milestone by completing Ph. D. program

Ohio University Chillicothe’s Greg Obi recently achieved a personal and professional milestone by completing his Ph. D. in Global Leadership with a concentration in Organizational Management from Indiana Institute of Technology.

Obi, an Assistant Professor of Business Technology and coordinator of the Business Management Technology Program at OUC, pursued this endeavor for six years prior to his graduation last month.

The topic of his dissertation was “Evaluating psychological empowerment in a global context: A comparative study of employees in the United States and Nigeria.” Through his research, Obi examined if power dynamics in different cultures affect an individual’s perspective on common issues.

In his year-long research, he utilized bank employees in both the U.S. and Nigeria, two nations with differing power dynamics according to House, et. al. (2004), to assess perceived feelings of psychological empowerment.

“The research produced some interesting results,” said Obi. “I am now working to publish some aspects of the study and the results in a forthcoming peer-reviewed journal.”

Obi reflected on his six-year journey, noting that, “the acceptance carries with it a huge duty of being an active researcher on issues that would have tangible application and contribution to education and industry.”

He hopes to convey the same kind-hearted commitment displayed by his committee members to his students at OUC now that he’s done with the process. He also looks forward to exploring opportunities for collaborative work with his OUC colleagues.

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